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Rochester Home Inspection Home Inspection All Star Rochester
Home Inspection All Star Rochester

945 Henrietta Rd. Rochester, NY 14623

(585) 666-2022

Looking for a Rochester home inspector but not sure who to choose? Home Inspection All Star Rochester has you covered! We are a nationwide company unlike any other, basically do the work choosing the best man or woman for the job so you don't have to. Our team makes sure each inspector is certified, licensed and insured just like they say they are. Also we have a customer satisfaction team that will make sure they are living up to the all star name. You see most inspection companies are one man operations so if you have a complaint, you are often complaining about the owner of the company to the owner of the company, thats not how we work. Our ultimate goal is having a happy customer and only work with inspectors that provide quality work to ensure that. For more information or to schedule your Rochester home inspection please call (585) 666-2022.


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